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Study Abroad Application

To study abroad, students must complete:

  1. TCNJ Study Abroad Application AND
  2. Application of their program choice (e.g. ISA, CIEE, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad). Please read below and follow the instructions.

All materials must be received in Green Hall 111 by the TCNJ deadline dates below, regardless of the specific program/school’s deadline, for a student to receive full consideration:


Maymester 2014 and Summer 2014 Faculty-Led Courses = Open until filled
Summer or Fall 2014 = February 25, 2014

Faculty-Led Courses: You only need to:

  • Submit the online application and
  • The $150 application fee to Student Accounts (please bring the receipt to Green Hall 111)
  • No other forms or documents are required! Do not follow the instructions on this page.

Process and Procedure:

We must first review, approve, and process your application in our office before your application materials can be forwarded to your program provider/host school.  To ensure that your application reaches your host institution in a timely manner, do not wait until the last minute to submit your application.  The TCNJ deadline is the latest date you can submit your application materials to ensure full consideration of your candidacy for study abroad, and we encourage ALL students to submit their materials well before the deadline!  


Click on the link to download & print each form:


Title Description

$400 Application Fee


  1. Pay $400 application fee in Student Accounts (Green Hall 119) by cash or check (make check payable to: The College of New Jersey).
  2. Bring the receipt to our office, Green Hall 111; we will only accept the receipt from Student Accounts. 

Important notes:

  • Application fees paid to program sponsors are in addition to this application fee paid to TCNJ.
  • This is a one-time fee; and can be applied to as many programs as you’d like to go on; or can be transferred to a different program if you choose to change programs
  • This $400 fee is non-refundable
  • Students who submit applications after the deadline will need to pay an additional $50 late application fee and their applications will only be considered if there is space available in the program.

Study Abroad Online Application

Much of your data in PAWS has already been loaded into this online system.  Use your TCNJ e-mail account and password to access the program directory and online application system. To complete the online application, you will need the following information:

  1. Contact information for 2 academic references (must be TCNJ faculty members)
  2. Contact information for your Emergency Contact
  3. Emergency Treatment Permission
  4. Essay
  5. Disciplinary Verification Form
  6. Assumption of Risk and Release

 Academic Evaluation Form


  1. Download and print the Academic Evaluation Form (this form details the courses you intend to take overseas and makes sure your courses will count at TCNJ).
  2. Get signed approvals from faculty department chairs for major/minor courses and from an Academic Evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration for electives and for liberal learning requirements.
  3. Sign the bottom of the form (not signing the form may delay your consideration in going abroad).
  4. Submit this form in a hard paper copy to the Center for Global Engagement, Green Hall 111.

 Program Application Forms

 Many study abroad programs require their own application to be completed.  This application will likely be online as well.  Please access your program via our program directory, check its website, and determine what you will need to complete the program-specific application.   You must submit these applications as part of the TCNJ application.



  • Log onto PAWS, go to “Academic Records” and click on “Request Official Transcript”and have it sent (there is no fee) directly to Green Hall 111.
  • For transfer students only: In addition to your TCNJ transcript, please also request transcripts from all previous institutions you have attended. Have these transcripts sent to Green Hall 111.

  TCNJ Medical Exam Form

 This form needs to be filled out by your personal physician or by a practitioner at TCNJ Health Services.  TCNJ Health Services will provide a physical for a small fee.  This must be completed by the application deadline.  You may need to schedule this appointment at least 2 months in advance. To make an appointment at TCNJ Health Services:

 ISA Health Forms (if going on an ISA program)

  •  Submit the ISA health forms in addition to the TCNJ Medical Exam Form.
  • Bring both sets of forms with you to your medical appointment.

 Program Cost Sheet (if you receive Financial Aid / Scholarships)

Program cost sheets and the estimated additional costs such as books and personal expenses are online in the Program Directory / database. Please note: cost sheets are available for all but a few programs.


For Financial Aid information, please visit the TCNJ Financial Aid website for Study Abroad.


Note: In the unfortunate event that you may need to withdrawl your application or cancel from the program please visit our policy.