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TCNJ Maymester Israel

May 17-June 2, 2014

Old City_JELE/ECE/HGS 390  Studying the Holocaust through Art and Children’s Literature

(1 unit, Liberal Learning Elective in Global and Literary, Visual and Performing Arts)

Program Directors:

Dr. Blythe Hinitz, Professor and Dr. Deborah Thompson, Associate Professor, TCNJ School of Education

Designed for early childhood and elementary education majors, Holocaust and Genocide minors, and others interested in the tour’s focus.  (Please see the program directors if you want to participate, but major in other fields.)  Students from other colleges and universities may also sign up for this program and receive 4 TCNJ credits to transfer to their home institutions.

No pre-requisites, language requirements or GPA

The itinerary for this program may be found at the bottom of this website.

Ghetto GightersTCNJ Maymester Israel, which will take students to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Acre,  has been designed to support the development of pedagogy in pre-Holocaust and Holocaust studies for children in grades kindergarten through eight in the United States.  Through primary sources (artworks and documents), resources available from selected Israeli and U.S. entities and sites, and children’s literature, the tour will provide foundational background on the Holocaust for undergraduate teacher candidates and Holocaust-genocide minors, and [possibly] graduate students. Art is a focus because it is a window into a society, a movement, or an era.  Nonfiction children’s books on the Holocaust provide the uninformed reader (adult or child) a vehicle to learn about this historical tragedy. The three-week study tour presents all participants opportunities to explore, read about, view and discuss how the Holocaust is represented in art and children’s books.  (Please scroll to the end of this page to see the day-to-day itinerary.)

jaffaDuring the program students will:

  • Explore how the confluence of ignorance, hatred, and demonization of different peoples fueled rampant anti-Semitism and led to the deaths of 13,000,000 people, including 6,000,000 Jews.
  • Develop an understanding of the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping in any  society.
  • Help students to develop an awareness of the value of pluralism and encourages acceptance of diversity in a pluralistic society.
  • Think about the use and abuse of power, and the roles and responsibilities of individuals, organizations, and nations when confronted with civil rights violations and/or policies of genocide.
  • To use photography and primary sources to inform pedagogy and serve as a foundation for insightful and effective curriculum materials, K-8.

reading_lonlonDuring the Spring 2014 semester, students will take an online course from Yad Vashem to prepare for the study tour.

Students will be expected to participate in several pre-departure meetings and/or Skype sessions.

2014 Program Costs:

$4,602 for in-state and out-of-state students.  (Airfare will not be included in the program fee charged by TCNJ – this will be arranged separately and payable to TCNJ’s travel provider.)  Students will be responsible for one meal per day – either lunch or dinner, and personal expenses.  All accommodations, two meals per day, land transportation in Israel, and entrances will be covered in the program costs charged by the College.

Students have two payment options – they may enroll in the Sallie Mae Payment Plan (follow this link, scroll to “Summer Faculty-Led Program,” and follow enrollment instructions) to pay in installments or pay-in-full for the program fee (travel-related expenses, not including airfare) by February 21, 2014. Tuition and fee charges ($1,631.97 for in-state and out-of-state students) would be applied to your account in the regular summer school cycle, payable by April 21, 2014. The $500 fee charged to students upon program acceptance is applied toward the program fee and is not an additional charge. Please contact the CGE for more information.

Withdrawal from Program – There may be financial penalties for students who withdraw from a faculty-led program after acceptance and payment of the $500 confirmation fee. Please review our withdrawal policy and contact the CGE if you have any questions.

For more information, please contact the CGE at


May 17: Depart US via Newark International Airport [or own choice]

Sunday, May 18: Getting started**

  • AM Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport
  • Travel to Hostel and check in
  • PM Tour Tel-Aviv
  • EVE Dinner at youth hostel
  • “Meet and greet” [at hostel] and remainder of night free

Overnight: Mishkanot Ruth Jaffa [Ruth Daniel Residence]

Monday, May 19

Overnight: Mishkanot Ruth Jaffa

Tuesday May 20: Institutions of Higher Education

Overnight: Mishkanot Ruth Jaffa

Wednesday, May 21  Institutions of Higher Education

Overnight: Mishkanot Ruth Jaffa

Thursday, May 22    Mofet Institute & Levinsky College

  • AM  Mofet Institute
  • Dr. Naomi Jaffe –Ministry of Art & Theatre [retired] – program
  • Lunch
  • PM  Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv- celebrating 100 Years of Research, Innovation and Discourse in Education, Teacher Education and Music Education: meeting and discussion with Dr. Miriam Mevorach, President Emeritus; faculty and students.
  • EVE Dinner at Hotel
  •  Seminar [at hotel]

Overnight: Mishkanot Ruth Jaffa

Friday, May 23

Overnight: Akko Youth Hostel

Saturday, May 24 : Haifa

  • Drive to Haifa, Tour the Bahai Gardens, Spend the day in Haifa
  • Or: attend services, go to the beach & lunch at hostel – day at leisure
  • Dinner at hostel
  • EVE  Seminar [at hostel]

Overnight: Akko Youth Hostel

Sunday, May 25: First day in Lochamei Hageta’ot [Ghetto Fighters Museum]

  • AM and PM  Lochamei Hageta’ot Museum- educational vision and curricula, tour main museum, lectures, and film, hands-on workshops, visit to the children’s memorial and museum [Yad Layeled] on site [Beth Dotan – a degreed museum educator]
  • Dinner at Hostel
  • Debriefing [at hostel]

Overnight: Akko Youth Hostel

Monday May 26: Second day in Lochamei Hageta’ot

  • AM  Breakfast and check-out
  • Lochamei Hageta’ot Museum- [all day - continuation from Sunday]
  • PM  Travel to Jerusalem
  • Dinner
  • EVE Seminar meeting

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem          

Tuesday May 27 First day in Yad Vashem

  • AM The educational approach of Yad Vashem, lecture and workshop
  • PM Lunch on own at Yad Vashem Cafeteria
  • Tour Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Memorial
  • Debriefing
  • EVE  Dinner
  • Performance: Jerusalem’s Citadel, known as the Tower of David. Watch the History of Jerusalem unfold through giant, breathtaking, virtual reality images.

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem          

Wednesday, May 28 Jerusalem (Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day)

Second day in Yad Vashem

  • AM   Monuments and memorials as a tool for Holocaust education- discussion and tour
  • Art museum and related exhibitions
  • PM    Lunch on own at Yad Vashem Cafeteria
  • PM    Special activities related to Yom Yerushalayim
  • Dinner
  • EVE   After dinner: MasterPeace – Game for Dialogue with processing session [place TBD]

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem            

Thursday, May 29 Yad VaShem Dr. David Brody

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

Friday, May 30  Har [Mount] Herzel 

  • AM  Herzl Museum and Education Center – Shlomit Sattler
  • PM   Lunch
  • Meet with Shlomo Balsam – discussing methods and Holocaust education
  • PM  Prepare for Shabbat
  • Dinner and Group gathering

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

Saturday, May 31 Jerusalem

  • AM Breakfast
  • Options:  Synagogue services
  • Tour of the Christian Quarter of the Old City
  • Walking tour to Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem first neighborhood outside the ramps
  • PM Lunch at Hotel
  • Dr. Dan Porat [Hebrew University] lecture #1
  • EVE  Free evening.  Dinner on you own

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem

Sunday June 1 Hebrew University

  • AM  Meet with Dr. Rachel Korazim – an Israeli educator and child of Holocaust survivors, who deals with creating and implementing in-service training programs for educators, writing educational materials, counseling and teaching
  • Meet with Dr. Zvi Bekerman, teaches anthropology of education at the School of Education and The Melton Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Dr. Dan Porat, School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Lecture # 2 The Boy
  • Meet with Dr. Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Professor of Art, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Dinner
  • Concluding Seminar/ Debriefing in Israel — what have we learned?
  • Review of assignments

Overnight: Tower Hotel, Jerusalem            

Monday, June 2—Depart for US

  •  Breakfast and farewell
  •  Travel to Ben Gurion Airport
  •  Depart Israel